31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 6- A PLACE TO STAND- by Odebode Karimot

Give me a stage to stand
and I will sing the song of madmen.
I will eulogize the sages
that speak nonsense out of their sense
and sense out of nonsense.
I will sing the song of Shakespeare
and play with the words of Wordsworth.
Just give me a stage to stand
or rather you give me a pen
I will scribble not only on paper
but trees, palms, and sand.
I will scribble out the
thoughts of lovers that left
and that of dreams forgotten.
I will scribble on the sand of time
stories of love that ended
before it began,
stories of people that died
before their lives erupted.

And if you refuse to give me
a stage to stand
I will run
     or rather will fly
up to the highest mountain
and engage the birds,
     trees, and reptiles
in my thoughts.
I will sing my thoughts
sonorously to the stones
     and beds of rocks.

For if you refuse to give me
a pen to scribble
I will cut into two
and break apart your stubborn spirit
and extract a pen
out of your wobbly bones
to scribble my mad thoughts
and your body so forsaken
a scribe,
mind not my bed of lies
rather you turn
your ears away from
my gibberish gibe
for I am a mad man
that dwells in the
forest of mad thoughts

Forget not:
da mihi locus standi
urbenquo movebo.
Just give me a place to stand
and I will move the earth.

Odebode Karimot is an undergraduate of Law in the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. A passionate poet who derives internal peace in conversing with her muse. She is the second of four children born and bred in the ancient city of Ibadan, Nigeria. She believes the world can be driven in the right direction with her pen.

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on 25th July 2015


  1. I believe too, that the world can be driven in the right direction with your pen, Odebode.

  2. YES! Absolutely wonderful work! - Laura M Kaminski (Halima Ayuba)


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