31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 7- HANDS- by Adedayo Agarau

Those hands that moulded
The skulls of our destiny--
The frames of our skeleton--
Were those that skeleton our beauty.

The palmist of our dreams,
Those present at the undaunted shore
Where freedom crowned us glory
Were those that fed our hope to ghouls.

Those fingers that showed solidarity,
That urges us to fight till we die to die again
At grounds where mothers were laid to rest
Where those that stuck middle fingers at our

Those hands that winded victory into our bossom,
Planted hope at our veranda, shew grace like a
burning sun
Were those that ushered darkness into our
Slaying light with the ink of their signature.

The hands that broke the kolanuts of wise words,
Drank white wines with bull's horn, till the stupor
of wisdom
Were those that fell a feeble fall.
The grew gullible at the feel of bribe.

Those hands that erected the truth
On our fallen walls, gathering bricks with letters
Were those that pulled our watchmen
Off the walls if watch when looted came to loot

Those hands that tied the rope of trust
Around the neck of our native homeland
Were those that grabbed the knife
That broke the bond of our boundaries.

Those hands that beat the chest restlessly
As their hand recited our nation's pledge
We those who pledged detriments
To the nation that gave them strength.

Those hands entwined with our mothers
On the sheet of an undoubted love,
They called forth passion-- Us.
Those hands choked us, they yoked us.

Those hands left us here,
At least, they left us life.
Those hands killed us here,
At least they gave us fame.

He is a student of Nutrition and Dietetics. He  was the 13th Poet who rocked Nigeria in 2014(#EGCtop50). His works center on corruption, politics and social vices. Adedayo has been featured on several anthologies like Epistle of Lies, Gripe Vine II, Eriata Food poetry anthology, Tributes to Nelson Mandela, etc. He also has been featured on Rowspoetry blog, Words Rhymes and Rhythm, WordUp, Larryfreedom, poetivists, and more. He was the 3rd edition winner of "What can words do" and the Season 2 winner of Pulse student poetry Prize.

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