DEAR SISTER- a poem by Williams O'Seun- Poet of d Week 150915

Dear Sis,
I know I may ne’er know
How you keep easy and in mirth
Accustomed to the snug bra-strap’s banding, even in snow
Brassiere, like the horse’s girding girth

Darling sister,
I sense I may ne’er get the senses
Of how, monthly, you war within wriggly
Tho’ you win, suffer bloodshed– menses
An esoteric war waged wryly, singly.

Beloved sister,
I reckon I’ll ne’er fathom
How you bear bairns bellyful
When a miracle inflates your tummy like a phantom
Half lady, half floating, bloating pufferfish—awful.

Dear sis,
‘Tis true I can ne’er really construe
What it is to be a lady—so much is involved!
Ofttimes, I misconstrue: “Why makeup? … Why see-thru?”
Now, I know—’Tis how she’s evolved!

WILLIAMS O’SEUN is a young rising poet in his early twenties. He is a graduate Historian; an alumnus of the University of Lagos. His poems serve the cause of social criticism and moral renaissance advocacy, resplendent with themes such as morality, nature, optimism, paradisiac utopianism, etc. O'Seun's poems are ideational and purposive; he is no freak of obscurantist art. He is also an affable, eccentric nature-lover and creative photography enthusiast. His debut poetry anthology would be published in no distant time.