This year 2015 may probably be regarded as the most explosive year so far when poetry is being talked about in Nigeria. Both the young and the old poets showed a lot of passion and it seemed as though poetry is really taking over mainstream entertainment. More Radio/TV shows now feature poetry, more books were published, and more events are springing up.

You are hereby invited to nominate the Poets whom you feel really rocked Nigeria in the outgoing year (2015). Please note that by ‘Rock’, we do not mean the best Poets in Nigeria; we mean those whose impacts were really felt in various categories where poetry is concerned. The categories we consider for this year are:

A.      Poetry Writer of the year
B.      Spoken Word Poet of the year
C.       Poetry Promoter of the year
D.      Cross over poet of the year

Please note that a minimum of 15 and maximum of 25 names are required for nominations in each of these categories. For those who are yet to understand the Cross over category, it is meant for Poets who venture into other arts such as Prose, Drama, Film, Music, Visual arts, etc.  Also note that there will be top 10 Poets in each category and there will be eventual Top 5o (who are poets with highest nominations).

We will be taking this year nominations more serious than ever before, hence, people who are actually not proven to be poets will be removed from the list (this excludes those in poetry promotion category). Poets who are older than 50 years of age will also be removed from the actual #EGCtop50 and placed in a (new) Honourable Mention category. More attention will be given to nominations from known Poetry Promoters because it is believed that someone who promotes poetry should at least know a bit more of what is going on in the field, if not everything. Hence, points from nominations this year will be 40% (EGC focused group), 40% (Poetry promoters), 20% (general nominations). This is important as we desire near 100% accuracy in this survey (we know nobody can get it right 100% though), let us at least do it together and do it better. Most importantly, we urge those who are nominating poets to nominate based on ‘conscience’ and not nominate because of who they know. Poets are also advised not to call for anyone to nominate them; let your name when it appears on the list be genuine thought of people towards you.

Below are simple things to consider when nominating Poets for each category:
1.       IMPACT: are the works of these Poets felt by a lot of people in Nigeria?
2.       ORIGIN: are these Poets Nigerians?
3.       AGE: are these Poets between 1-50 years old?
4.       REASON: why are we nominating these Poets?
5.       SINCERITY: am I sincere with my nominations or biased?

Nomination window Opens 9th November 2015 and Closes 11th December 2015. To view Top 50 list for year 2014 Click, for FAQs on this annual project Click.

To nominate use ‘#EGCtop50’ as subject line and e-mail nominations to