WHERE I LIVE- a poem by Bliss Akinyemi

Where I live,
Men in no cent innocent are the incense spraying saints
Yet, from afar, the scents of this saints murder innocence

Where I live, 
Dirty dead men with PhD's in pretense live on oxygen of influence
Moral decadence;
their delightful breakfast frustrated at noon and despised at night

Where I live, 
Accusing fingers are pointed by bodies meant for the gallows
Sin is the public deed not the secret gesture
Where I live, it's not a sin unless you are caught

Where I live,
You are what you don't say you know
And it doesn't matter, as long as the show is interesting

This is where I live, not where I stand.

I stand and sympathize with truth on its deathbed
I stand and rejoice for I know truth will live

I stand as a voice for the voiceless whose voice society wants to hear less
Society that has taught us to shut our mouths and shut our eyes.

Yet, the more we shut up
Our stories are locked up
And motivation for others is imprisoned in us.

Akinyemi Bliss 'MiCiBlissy' is a poet vast in thoughts and diverse in scope. She is a media personality and vast in the field.  At the moment, she is an aspirant of the University of Ilorin, Kwara state


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