LAST DANCE- A Poem by Kitan Aladesuyi

One boy
One girl
One song
One last dance
Two lonely hearts beating wildly
To the rhythms of the dance floor

It's crazy how they are so in love
And deep in denial

"It's just a dance" he whispers
Just some people beating a leather covered hollow wood
... Is it?

She makes the first move
He hesitates...
She's unsure
She falters;
In an instant, his hands go around her waist
A bit too quick for a stranger
It's just reflex
He has quick reflexes
... Maybe?

His heart is racing
Her body is quivering
But she keeps up with the rhythm
"I will enjoy this dance"- she's thinking

Now they are moving together
Left, right, back and forward
Unsure of tomorrow...
An awkward dance it is

Faces expressionless
like the statue of liberty
A slight trembling of the hand
reveals suppressed feelings
Unspoken words on trembling lips
It's insane; in spite of pent-up words
threatening to burst right through them
they refuse to speak

The atmosphere around them is charged
A tiny spark and the fire will start
it will spread like wildfire
in the dry Savannah

And then relief will come
Because the tears will wash away the hurt
and rain will wash away the tears. 

Kitan Aladesuyi is a student of the department of Computer science and engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She has a flair for writing, acting and poetry. A firm believer in the Nigerian dream, she believes where there’s a Nigerian there is a solution.

She loves talking, reading, socializing, and creating solutions to problems. She also loves music and making positive change.


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