DECEPTION, a Poem by Adeola Adegoke

This is for you-our brother
who hides behind the veil
A master of unmoved moving lips
You are the shadow of a gory man

It's for you who moans to mourn me
After that night's motion
When my eyes regret And
my fingers carried the cross of a corned human

You-our brother
have seen the veil as your home
For you built your own calyptra of mosses
from an opaque prevarication

Take this as your defect now
Let your heart push up the daisies And
Your soul will shuffle off this mortal coil
For my heart died his own death
I will never bite the dust again

Take this as you defect now
Let your heart shuffle off this mortal tales
And carry the cross of deception
Pinching the story of regret
And jump towards the hill of repentance

Adeola Adegoke, pseudonym poeticOla, hails from Iseyin local government area of Oyo state. He is a poet, blogger, essayist, and stage word activist. He has won various poetry contests and featured in local and international anthologies. He was awarded the ‘pengician of the year 2015’ by CWAN and was recently shortlisted for the best young poet award by BN's blog