It was an event filled with drama when #BB13 was held in UI Zoo Exhibition hall on 23rd April 2016. But unlike the first edition held in April 2015, where Prestige won both written and performance stage, there was a twist: The Winner of the written stage was knocked out in the first round. And then it became a chase amidst the poets who ended up taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions in the slam as they filled that position all through the stages. The final stage was however a close call as only decimal points separated the top 5 poets. Yet, everyone knows Ajijola Da’Beloved fired on all cylinders as he came out tops in all stages of the performances.

Speaking after the event, the former #BB Slam champion who was also on the judging panel, Ifeanyi Prestige said “The Poets that participated in the just concluded BB13 Slam were awesome on stage. They have all got confidence required to convey messages with their voices and gestures.” On BB Slam II Winner Prestige said, “…Unlike some other Slam poets who have just good content and messages, Ajijola Beloved was well articulated in his delivery. His words were clear and distinct; he has good diction, nice flow and remarkable stage presence. This helped him maintain a strong link with the audience…”

Another judge, Iquo DianaAbasi Eke also had words about Beloved; she said “…his performance was as powerful as his words. His facial expression and gestures were hammer with which nailed the message of his words home. Refreshing talent, he is…” On the first runner up Iquo said “Fr33zin Paul is also quite talented. He is a pure delight to listen to.”
#BB aka Be Blessed poetry and sundry talent event is hosted by EGC in partnership with Order! The following are some of the pictures taken at the event:

Tiwister... he came 5th in the Slam
Top 4 in the Slam... LR- Adigun, Beloved, Fr33zin Paul, & Inioluwa

Iquo Eke, showing how to perform

Fr33zin Paul... 1st Runner up

Gbenga Sile... He won written stage

James Conco... performing

Da'Beloved receiving his award from Prestige

The Slam judges... LR- Graciano, Iquo Eke, Prestige

Da'Beloved with #BB Convener, Enigmatic Olumide

Paul Alowo... performing

Enigmatic... giving final speech

Finalists + judging panel... LR- Tiwister, Beloved, Fr33zin, Adigun, Graciano, Inioluwa, Prestige, Enigmatic, Bishop, Iquo

Cross section of audience

Simpson Toks


Cross section of audience


April born poets/writers at #BB13

Cross section of audience

Those who made round 2 of Slam.. LR- Tolu Impact, Fr33zin, Beloved, Ayoade, Tiwister, Adigun, Inioluwa, Mesioye