31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 10- MOTHER EARTH- by Doyin Olaleye

Mother earth; 
For your inhabitants have gone berserk 
Normalcy has gone haywire 
Insurgency eats deep like disease 
Rod of iniquity stirs nature's wrath 
On the streets, human flesh are roasted whole 
Can't you perceive, it sizzles like fat 
Her beloved butchered 
Her esteemed murdered 
Massacred without crime 
Yet, citizens looked once 
Oblivion to what's amiss 
For the love of life 
Who will bell the cat 
Can you cure this disease? 
Will you heal mother earth? 
Is humanity ever going to be restored? 
Unto normalcy 
Unto dignity 
Unto her glory

Olaleye Doyin Sunshine is a poet, writer, microbiologist and a lover of art and words. She has been published in several anthologies including Muse For World Peace Anthology Edition II. She believes so much in the creative power of imagination. That's what inspires her to write. She started writing at primary school days, with children stories. Later, into drama and prose long reads. She started poetry at 2012, her final year in the University. She hope that her poems will get to where she couldn't get to. Set captives of various vices free. Give hope to the depressed and bring healing to the world. 

She currently lives in the city of Ibadan.