These zephyrs of thoughts my muse blows
as poesy flows, to seas of souls,
to splash fluids of reminiscence
on fiery hearts and fighting hands.

Gone black heroes had worked for peace
and had gone through tough odysseys,
to bring black soil tranquillity
and entombed corpse of enmity.

Won’t disunity now exhume
benumbed enmity from that tomb
and make dispute breastfeed zombies
of cacophonies as babies?

Before these zombies were revived,
unity in black’s jungle thrived.
Tiger treats bear’s cub as its own –
no gore of xeno in our home.

What discord’s zombies make us suck
which bewitches us off peace talk,
are free cans of dispute liquor;
African Union floors such flaw.

Black titans of Africa’s breast,
in the North, South, East and West,
suckle Africa’s oneness milk;
so, no blood stains peace’s bib of silk.

There are free can-o-pies of love
where Africans can hold peace pacts;
rebury discords and resolve
differences, to heal bleeding hearts.

NAME: Abegunde Sunday

Estate Management though presently, I deal with books (Reading, studying and publishing)

The Spirit that dwells in me, music, movies based on novel, books, people and News.

JOURNEY IN POETRY: I had teachers like Aunty Shodiya in my primary school days who would write a poem and would gift the first to memorize and recite off-hand some token. I won this many times or at worse made top 3. In secondary school days, though a science student, my love for words made me develop a strong admiration for language. I soon had enough vocabs in my word bank and sometimes I just pen rhymes (not poem). I became a primary school teacher after my high school days. I taught my pupils all the poems in their English textbook. I encountered poems that made me fall in love with poetry – ‘With Hey-ho the wind and the rain’ in the Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare and ‘The Derby Ram’ by an anonymous poet in the book ‘14/15 English’ by R.S Fowler & AJB Dick. The latter book launched me into writing what seems to be good poetry. I wrote poems my pupils memorize and recite happily, at that time. Hence, it can be said that my journey on the poesy lane can be attributed to that period seven years back.

In this chronological order, I aim to achieve Impact, Fame, and perhaps, money

OTHER INFORMATION: I am a zealous African poet and public speaker. I am the author of ‘Unleash Your Potential: Beyond Just Motivation’ (2014), ‘Young Christians and Love’ (2015) and a poetry book, ‘In His Realm’ (2013). He is the curator of some poetry anthologies among which are ‘We Cry for Peace’ (2014), ‘Voice of Humanity’ (2014), ‘Love poem Anthology’ (2015) and ‘Peace is Possible’ (2015), Reign of Racism (June, 2016), and ‘Letters from the Graves’ (July, 2016). I have FPASU Award as Most Inspiring Writer of the Year 2013, Association of Christian Journalist Writers' Award, Outstanding Young Achiever 2014, Creative Writers Association of Nigeria (CWAN) Award as Literary Emperor Award 2014, Rated in EGC Top 50 Poets That Rocked Nigeria in 2014 and Top 20 in 2015 and Winner of World Union of Poets Prize 2016 among others. I am the principal director of Speaking Pen International Concept, Lagos, Nigeria and an official at Caprecon Development Foundation, Luton, UK.