31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 14- LIFE DRIVERS- by Richard HighOnWord Abutu

These are the things that we started with 
The things that make us succeed 
The hardship we face 
The glory we chase 
The happiness we trace 
We don't want to be shamefaced.

These are the things that drive us 
The pains of the past 
The promise of the future 
Our plans that are vast 
Our dreams beyond measure 
And the people that mocked us. 

These are the things that move us 
The men that believe in us 
Cheering us to heights beyond us 
The limits we want to exceed 
These are things that make us proceed 
The lucre we want to breed. 
For every tears-filled and sorrowful night Heavy hearts,

Uncertain hours, we wanted to quit
Mental manacles we fought and defeat.
When we forfeited our leisure 
We were not happy, had no pleasure 
The journey long, we're far from our treasure . .

These are the engines that drive us 
Friends that've succeeded 
Our responsibilities and pressure 
Set goals, the time we want to ace 
The girls we love and don't want to pass
These things put fire under our feet. 

Name: Richard HighOnWORD Abutu.
Discipline: Urban and Regional Planner

Inspiration: The future and the changes I want to see.

Journey into Poetry: In his quest to help me memorise what I was taugth in school, my dad started teaching me poetry. Mamman J Vatsa's "Stinger the scorpion" and one other poetry book by the same author were the two books he got for me. My favourite poem then was;

"If the begin is well,
you must struggle not to fail,
For the beginning and ending,
Must leave nothing pending."
I had a good beginning and it helped me keep a good and healthy poetry life.

What I hope to achieve with my poems:
I want to educate the masses especially the youths. I want to see minds transformed resulting in a transformed society. Also, I want my poems to reach everybody in the world. That is a tough task, but that is why I am a tough man.

Other Info: I love Nigeria. Nigeria is my obsession and religion. I love one pretty Lady. And I believe that corruption is what powerful people do. That is to say, one can't be corrupt without being powerful. And finally, I trust GOD that my generation has the key to make Nigeria what we dream it to be.


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