31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 16- SIGHT RESTORED- by Osigwe Benjamin

It's too obvious that our hearts
Were made to be one.
Children in the street, confess of our oneness
And they wished to embrace us someday
While we walk. Counting our steps
Your arm well covered...
Under the guidance of mine.

I wonder why the world's love clock
Stopped in my head
And made me unable to think you out
From the depth of my memory.

Your presence un-stables the balance of my heart
And baptizes me with liquor
Of wanting you every day
Like the dusty memory
Of when we first met.

I am drunk, in my thoughts
Drowning in my imaginations
Of not wanting to miss you a second.

I might have once nailed you
To the cross of lust.
But, it's still too obvious now
That all have passed...
My sight restored.

Wash me free with thy love
and un-crucify me from this cross of hate
Dangling in your heart
I pray thee.


Osigwe Benjamin is one of the youngest Poetry Promoters in Nigeria. (thepoetrycourt.blogsot.com) an online poetry platform to support and promote written, spoken and performance poetry across the world.

He is a written and performance poet. Osigwe’s poems are from the gutters of redemption, and the only thing that has continued to survive his art, is the continuous chase for a better society.

He started poetry with Aj House Of Poetry, and hopes to see poetry at it best of form in years to come.

Benjamin was among the EGC poet of the week 2015. And was also among the poets on EGC top 50 Contemporary Poets who ROCKED Nigeria in year 2015.

Some of his poems were featured in BLACK COMMUNION POETRY ANTHOLOGY 2013.

OsiBen is popularly known as a poet who believes in poetry for consciousness and social change, and thus advocates that poetry should move, speak and take action.


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