31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 24- SHE’S JUST A GIRL- by Emmanuel Faith

She’s strong but brittle;
Weird a little
She’s got her ups, her highs and peak
But her ‘low key’ could make you sick
Please, don’t on her faults dwell
Just realize she is a girl

She’s got her cramps and visitors
That shrinks her like harsh creditors
She groans and moans in heinous pain
Thanks to this monthly vicious villain
Yet her presence brings a lovely smell
And you smile that’s a great belle

She could dance, twist, wriggle or shake
And leave your sleeping emotions awake
She could dare a peck or a mild kiss
And make you wish the world should cease
She could drag you into deep well
Until you know she’s just a girl

Either in skirt or flowing gown
Revealing attire that make soul drown
From her luscious lucid curves
To mellifluous empty bluffs
With joy you’d follow her to hell
Until you know she is a girl

You stare at her lascivious lips
Kidnapped by shapes of her hips
Be patient to see her wrinkled face
When tattered with tears like lace
Then you’d have great tale to tell
That at the end she’s just a girl

She may be Cinderella, an angel
With smoothened hair and well permed gel
She could charm you with her smiles
And sweet words that make butter flies
Dear open your blinded eyes
She is not more than a girl

She could be strong and tenacious
Fast, focused and fastidious
Disciplined than a strict cop
In few seconds she burst up
Don’t panic or ring an alarmed bell
Remember she’s but a girl

She could be your future wife
Your boss, colleague or partner in life
But now, she plays loose in your court
Give her care, not pains or hurt
Don’t make her goods you buy or sell
Respect her ‘cause she is a girl…….


Emmanuel Faith is a 300level student of Obafemi Awolowo University presently studying Economics. He is a writer, a poet and a budding speakers whose works has been featured on different platforms, including blogs, websites, magazines amidst others.


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