31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 3- WE WILL RETURN- by Akinwemimo Idris

"Here, future's voices once unheard.
To slavery lieges at golden harbors"

We will dock when vessel does
At shore where water splashes,
Where in peace all to be layed,
To treat dismayed heart's wounds.
We will return when sun again shine.

‘Burie’ not all we unwilling left,
Broken-handle-cups, the rags.
The stools, the fabric shoe pairs.

Ode for now, to all these 'costlys'
Dwell for now in the dust-depth.
The freedom stream solves it all,
We will return when sun again shine.

For now, to defeat our veins' lost.
Pranks of slavery on us hurled.
We will return when crows sleep,
When their hooks are at outer shed.
When our voices exhume unfolded days.
We will return when sun again shine.

March 28th 2016

9:26 pm

Poet Akinwemimo Idris O. is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Osun state Nigeria where he studied Language. He is a story writer, a playwright and a stage artist. He does Yorùbà oral poetry chants as well. He is also an activist with the spirit of peaceful revolution. He got interest in poetry in his early age of which had won to him achievement in the literary world.

His source of inspiration is nature, abstract entities and a quiet place where silence dwells. He started writing poetry when he became twenty years old. The main aim and objective of writing poetry is human liberation from tribulations, societal slavery and the sorrowful side of love. His poetry is more of these than laughter and unproductive entertainment.

  Poet Akinwemimo Idris is the founder of NIBSTEARS POETRY CAVE, (www.nibstears.blogspot.com) a non-governmental poetry society founded in the early month of the year 2015. 



  1. Very powerful poem! Thanks Idris for writing. Continue writing.

  2. We eagerly await the return of the sun.you've penned well Wemimo.

  3. We will return
    To clear the dust and sweep the gloom
    To tear the cloak that hides the Sun
    We will return
    When the clanks of swords are raised no more.
    Kudos Idris. More power to your inking.


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