31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 7- LADY OF THE CUP- by Adesina Aanuoluwapo

I stare lovingly at her eyebrows,
arching downwards like a spear,
deep into my skin it ploughs,
And from that wound comes a tear.

I lose myself in her eyes like an abyss,
leaving the light of loneliness above,
her smile provides a sweet sour bliss,
falling deeper and deeper in love.

I leaned forward to kiss her lips,
she ran her hands through my hair,
And shut my eyes with her fingertips,
only to abandon me and befriend the air.

I look down and realise I've made her up,

but with the help of the drink within my cup.

Name: ADESINA Aanuoluwapo John

Discipline: English and Creative writing 

Journey into poetry: My first lover caused me to develop an interest in poetry as I believed it was the best way to fully convey my affections. 

What I hope to Achieve: I hope to rekindle the love of literature with my poetry as well as touch a lot of hearts. 

Other Info: Student at Coventry University, United Kingdom. 


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