31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 8- EJACULATION- by Adewale Ajagbe

I felt the clouds
Gathering beneath
My sentimental scrotum
And I knew I would soon come

It built up steadily like the birth
Of a new day
There was chaos under my skin
As veins and capillaries transported
liquids like fulani men
Transporting nama on the eve of eid'l kabir

I felt its steady movement
It rose up through the ranks
Like a military general
And all my body stood
At attention as this tyrant
Inspected the parade ground

I knew I was gradually giving in
To this devilish excitement building
Up in me, it spread like wild fire in no time
And my skin burned with this ecstasy

Oh its coming,  yeah!!!  I cant hold it
Any longer!  Yeah! Oh!  Yeah!!!
My body vibrated wildly

And I pulled the trigger!!!

I came back to my senses
My whole being calm
As i stood there naked in my thoughts

She was innocent, she was a virgin
She lay on the floor, submerged
In the pool of her clothing blood

As i watched her lay dead
I felt it again
This time it was not anger,
It was guilt.
Guilt worse than death
I knew I wouldn’t live long
With this feeling

I felt the clouds again building
Steadily like the rise of the sun
But this time
It was fast,
It jumped protocol like
A Nigerian politician

I held the pistol to my forehead
Closed my eyes
The feeling swept me like whirlwind
I vibrated again with guilt
And again pulled the trigger!!!

Name: Ajagbe Adewale also known as Simpson Toks

Discipline: Psychologist with special interest in Sex Therapy.

Inspiration: Everything inspires me, dead or living.

Journey into poetry:   It started on Thursday 16 of October 2009, 5pm to be precise. I used to write articles before then, I knew nothing about poetry.  So that very day I wanted to write something about my childhood,  and I started writing short lines after after lines,  ending with a rhyme,  it was funny.. That was how it started..

What I hope to achieve with my poems: Everything a poem could achieve. 



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