Could we fetch our binoculars
Or shall we make use of a looking glass
Perhaps we shall listen with a stethoscope
Or see better with a microscope

Hope is the subject we seek to understand
Call everyone here, let's form a band
We have been in the dark for so long
Now it's time to hear the real song

Hope is like the regular sixteen year old
Who knows not what the future would hold
She steps into the water in pure innocence
Into a gamble of life's calm or turbulence

Hope is a like a single mom
She's got ‎suitors who go and come
No man wants to raise another man's seed
But she'll wait for the one to meet that need

Hope is like a Nigerian undergraduate
Who knows not when he'll graduate
Through the straight paths and bends
He patiently waits for the day it ends

Hope is like an expectant mother
She feels the life growing inside of her
She waits until the day her child is born
And she holds her daughter‎ or son

Hope is like the hard working farmer
Winter, Spring, Autumn or Summer
The seasons never affect his mood
As he prays the harvest is good

In a world of so much unpredictability
We need a daily dose of positivity
We need not go down negativity's slope
We should get to that place called Hope

Name: Michael Olugbenga Sile

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and I currently work as a business and education consultant. I am also a writer and a poet by passion.

My inspiration basically comes from every situation I find myself and the things and people who surround me.

Journey into Poetry
I became interested in poetry when I met a girl in JAMB/UME class shortly after leaving secondary school and hoping to get admission into University. This girl was pretty much a good poet and while I read her works, I became more interested in writing some too. Soon, we began to exchange poems and before long, people actually began to compliment my works.

Hopes and Plans for my poems
I hope to tell a story of what isn't, what should be and what should have been? I simply want to rewrite history with my poems and inspire my world to see beyond what it currently sees.

Other info
I am married to a wonderful woman and we have two amazing daughters. I also run a series on my blog and other social networks. It's called The Geebee Chronicles. I am working towards getting it on the big screen soon. 


Check Official Trailer here: https://youtu.be/3_1qTlmyElQ