GOOD MORNING- Spoken Word Poem by Foursyte Bogani

Good morning this morning, here’s a cup of tea for you this morning,
Wipe the sleep from your eyes, while you're yawning.
As a witness, to the works of Christ like Jehovah's Witness,
I've trailed the crest beneath the deepest,
Hope your nightmares were the sweetest.
Now we are neighbours to the moon and the star,
we have come this far with no man made car.

Good morning!
Life is a black man it can never be fair
by grace we are the lucky once to breath this air.
So be grateful to him, be praise full with hymns,
whatever it seems, be alive with your dreams.
Martin Luther king once had a dream, of you, of me,
Free from segregation; I raise my right hand for this revolution.

Good morning is a simple knowledge;
Right now we are taking back our stolen courage.
Good morning, Good morning, Good morning, Good morning

Good morning!
Kiss the poetry from my lips, Cup the feel in a golden chalice
Let’s fantasize, fraternize, and commonize, without a benefit of malice.
The beauty of life, lies in our gold mine,
if you know the truth you're not blind.
Ignorance traffics how the man goes;
Knowledge is more than a basket full of mangoes.
Where the light is dim, I’m there to enlighten,
When the thunder strikes you should be the lighten.

Good morning!
Spread the disease of happiness before night falls like leaf from a tree
Here's our sparkling silver, we owe no debt to gloomy sadness,
The worst things of life are given for free.
The clock is out no time to haggle,
Tie a rope around your Adams apple.
For today speaks of tomorrow, tomorrow speaks of another day,
Only a legend dies today and still lives tomorrow,


Good morning is a simple knowledge
Right now we are taking back our stolen courage
Good morning, Good morning, Good morning, Good morning

Spoken Word Performed by Foursyte
Chorus performed by Joy
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Forsyth Botany is a Nigerian spoken word poetry artiste/rap emcee, known for deep seated lyrics, he came to limelight in 2014 when he was the 4th runners up in War of Words Season3 slam poetry competition, since then he has done many live shows around the country. 


Red carpet + Poetry 1pm - Film Show 3pm
22nd October in Ibadan

@ NUSTREAMS Conference & Culture Center, Ibadan
Km 110 Iyaganku Road, Opp Alalubosa GRA Extension, Ibadan
(Air conditioned atmosphere. Refreshments to be served)

(To get Special VIP Invitation call 07034198264 or 08060826506)

VIP Ticket: N1,500
Regular Ticket: N700

... It's all about Poetry. Movie. And Poetry again.