THE DYING LION- a Poem by John Oguntuase

Slowly, very slowly
An aged rabbit walks
closely ,tightly closely
A baby antelope stares
To the claws and jaw
a signal wired
Like yesterday his head he lift
but in
shame he bows
The lunch is gone
no longer can he launch
Though the appetite remains
on this spot he must remain
yesterday's victory yet speak
His current state the Hyenas know
How painful to pray as prey
Tomorrow he shall be a lunch too.

John Oguntuase is the MD of 2nd Touch Production. He studied English language and literature at Lagos State University [LASU]. He is an Alumni of Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama and Christoline Film Academy. He is an author, a film director, a producer, screenwriter and a TV content provider. John is a fan of Poetry.


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