LIVING- A Poem by Richard HighOnWord Abutu

Eyes fixed on unseen things
Mind set on unknown things
Feet walking on unknown paths
Before we were, we were not

We open our eyes to see what we have not seen
Blind the eyes that have seen it all!
We are not going to where we are coming from
We are going to where we have not been at all

If we come to the red sea, we'll part it
Axe head falls into the sea; We'll make it flow
On the sea, facing the storm, we'll calm it
Hungry and many; Seven baskets full

We live to see and do the undone
Not to sit and eat but to sing the unsung
We are living to live again.
If you don't live once, you won't live again

The man that says he has not, should not be given
He that has not, his little will be taken
The rich becomes richer, the poor becomes poorer
It's not a crime, but a Divine order

I cherish the life I live
It is beautiful to live
I'm not angry that I was born
Pains and storms; I'm glad to be born

I have the chance to be what I was not
A chance to see what I did not
A chance to go where I was not
It's a chance to live and live again
A chance to be transfigured, to be transformed
Before I was, I was not

© Richard HighOnWORD Abutu.

Richard Abutu is both a creative writer and a spoken word artiste. The Urban and Regional Planning graduate found his pen at a little age and has not dropped it ever since. His poems has inspired many. His spoken word poem "Two Important days" was featured in FULLPROOF movie.


  1. Wow, see #TyTruthMichael is a brother to #RichardHighOnWord but thats not all that matter, what really does is the phenominal change thats this great like is brought give us a second eye to see beyond the underworld far behind the impossibility of our capabilities, infact its more an honour to have him (Richard O. HighOnWord) as brother.


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