FOR THE LOVE OF COUNTRY - Issues With Shola Ola

NB: The earlier post on this thread was a mistake via communication. Here is the actual post meant for Armed Forces remembrance day:

“Captain Ewe go and pack your things, you will be going to Danku to takeover.” said the Commander of Strike Group IV, one of the units involved in the fight against the Terrorists Group who wanted a secession from Atupa Kingdom. The Company Commander at Danku has just been killed alongside 12 of his men in an ambush and there is an urgent need to deploy another commander. Capt Ewe immediately packed few of his belongings and set out to Danku. Captain Ewe is no stranger to most of the troops in Danku. He is known to be an incorruptible, strict and no nonsense officer.

“In a minute, he is cracking jokes with his soldiers and the next minute he takes disciplinary action against anyone who disobeys his orders. In fact he is the real no-compromise”. This was an account of one of the soldiers to another on arrival of Captain Ewe to Danku town.

The war against the Terrorists group has intensified and it seems the terrorists group was having the upper hand. The terrorists group has succeeded in instilling fear in the mind of most of the soldiers in the Kingdom. Not too long after Captain Ewe took over at Danku, news filtered in that the dreaded group has succeeded in taking over Gbamu town and few days after, they took over another town called Fuka. Captain Ewe's parent unit is at Gbamu and with the takeover of the town by terrorists; it means he won’t be able to get resupply of food and other logistics like ammunition. Danku town is in the middle of both Gbamu and Fuka and the 2 units dislodged from the town were more equipped than the company in Danku. Several attempts were made to takeover Danku by the terrorists but Ewe and his men fought gallantly to repel them, in the process losing few men. Ewe knew it's only a matter of time before the terrorists takeover Danku considering that they are in the middle of the adversaries. Captain Ewe wanted to hold Danku with his men for as long as possible hoping that the troops dislodged at both Gbamu and Fuka would regroup early enough to recapture the lost 2 towns and thus prevent Danku from falling. This however was not to be as the terrorists became more daring, seizing more towns and villages under Atupa Kingdom. At this point, Ewe's men began to pressurize him on the need to withdraw from Danku. One of his men even confronted him publicly asking him if his aim was to sacrifice them. Ewe simply responded that it wasn't time to withdraw.

To prevent the terrorists from staging a surprise, Ewe led his men on ambush every night killing several terrorists in the process. The late commander at Danku preferred to remain in the defense, as such the troops initially thought it was a risky venture. Soon Ewe's men gained confidence and would always disturb him to lead them on ambush every night. Ewe ensured that the ambush is done at different spot every day.  The support weapons and ammunitions recovered from terrorists were used to strengthen his defense line. Still not sure whether he would make it out of Danku alive, he decided to call the mother of his son and told her that should he not make it out of there alive, he pleaded with her not to deny his family members access to his son particularly his younger brother. The only way to make it out of Danku was to go through the neighbouring Kingdom, so Ewe went to liaise with the elite guard stationed at the border to allow him and his men have safe passage, so he could go to Alara where the troops that survived the terrorists’ onslaught were camped. The elite guard assured him they would be allowed to pass. On the day they were withdrawing from Danku, Ewe ensured that his men didn’t leave any of their belonging behind. On arrival at Alara, the senior commander there was surprised that Ewe and his men remained in Danku for close to a month despite the danger. He was even more surprised that Ewe ensured that none of the equipment was left behind and even came with weapons captured from the terrorists. He narrated how one of his commanders had left his major equipment behind while withdrawing from his location.

“Young man, what’s your rank?” Asked the senior commander.
“I’m Captain Ewe sir”.
“Your performance exceeds your rank.”

Captain Ewe was lucky to have made it to safety with his men and perhaps see their families again. Many of their gallant colleagues never had the chance to go back to their loved ones again. They paid the supreme price while fighting to keep their beloved kingdom together. Some, their loved ones didn't have the chance to say good bye. Today many officers and men of our armed forces and other security agents are on the field fighting militancy, insurgency, violent herdsmen, kidnapping and other social vices against the peace and progress of our land. Let us not relent in our support and prayers for them. Some have lost their lives in the process, let us endeavour to show love to those they left behind. God bless our security personnel. 

Shola Ola’ loves to write and defend the course of his country. This article was his special way to celebrate Armed Forces Remembrance Day 2017.