EDGE OF LOVE - EPISODE 2 - Fiction by Benedicta Lawrence

He left just after that.

After that day we talked daily and went on more dates together. He bought a lot of things for me and took me to different places. We went to the silver bird cinemas and watched a nice romantic comedy. We also went shopping; we went to the beach and so many other places. Nicholas called me his queen and sure treated me like one. But then a faithful day came and what I never booked for happened…

Nicholas drove me to his friend’s house at Maryland where he had been staying since he got to Nigeria, which wasn’t quite far from where I lived at Ikeja G.R.A. The house was a duplex, beautifully painted in cream and brown. The compound was thrice the size of mine. I remember seeing beautiful red hibiscuses and white daises. We walked into the living room and my jaws fell. Everything looked glamorous. The walls were white, and so were the leather sofas surrounding the living room and a glass table stood in the middle. Nicholas pointed me to a sit and served me a glass of orange juice. He sat beside me and we had a little talk; he told me about his extended family and his childhood experiences, but didn’t say much about his parents, neither did he mention having siblings.

Nicholas graduated from the University of Northern Ireland with a degree in business management and though in his mid-twenties, he had actually archived a lot: he was an intelligent young man with a great personality. I on the other hand; I’m just an ordinary girl next door; though I graduated from the university of Lagos and have a degree in Economics, I don’t work in an office like most people expect me to. I’ve always lived a simple life. My family back at Aba pestered me all the time to get a good job and get married, but that was never my goal; I loved being my own boss and work online all day, except when I have catering classes which I decided to take for no reason I can remember. I was plainly na├»ve, I never asked Nicholas when he might be leaving for Ireland, how silly of me, I just wanted to enjoy having him as much as I could, I can’t blame myself anyway, I didn’t have close friends. I fell in love with him since our first date and since then we’ve only gotten closer each day. He told me that he currently worked at his father’s company but took few months leave to spend time with his childhood friend in Nigeria.

“You have beautiful eyes,” He said calmly.

I shook my head, “Are you just seeing them? You men are so full of flattering words.” We both chuckled.

“Ah come on Chidinma, I’m not flattering you at all. I say what I see.”  If only he knew how extremely more gorgeous his own brown eyes were; they sparkled like stars in the sky.

I watched as he slowly leaned down and kissed my lower lip, I hesitated at first, then he did again, and this time my body made the decision for me, I kissed back and we did it for about five minutes. We were like starving predators and our lips were the helpless prey. Suddenly a huge flame started burning between us; it felt like ‘do or die’. We had to quench the wild flame.

It didn’t occur to me that this little mission of a fire fighter could lead to huge consequences, I later woke up in his arms at midnight. He felt me move and he opened his eyes that shined light in the slightly dark living room. It was then it occurred to me that we actually did ’it ’in the living room, right on the couch.

He pecked me lightly on my forehead and rubbed my shoulders with his soft hand. It truly was an incredible night, a night I never dreamt I would have, but I couldn’t help but feel this guilt consuming me inside. I felt like a vale was removed from my eyes.

“Oh my gosh! What have I done?” I asked myself. “Have I forgotten the oath of chastity I made at church?”

I picked up my cloths hurriedly and started getting dressed but Nicholas stopped me and flung my cloths away playfully. “Come on Nick, I’ve got to go.” I said calmly. A part of me wanted to escape but another part liked what we did.

I was helpless, when he pulled me back into his arms. We did it again; this time softer, calmer, with more passion. It must have been a love spell.


Benedicta A. Lawrence is a young Nigerian writer who is a lover of art and nature. She is an aspiring sociologist; artist and life coach. Born in Lagos state; she is an undergraduate in the prestigious Osun State University.