EDGE OF LOVE - EPISODE 3 - Fiction by Benedicta Lawrence

I didn’t make it obvious to him that I regretted what we did, or that we were not supposed to do it. “I have made the mistake already, and therefore there is no wrong doing it again, maybe for the last time.” I stupidly thought to myself. I wasn’t even sure anymore if I wanted that night to be the first and the last time.

“It’s really late Chidinma, you can’t go now. I’ll take you home tomorrow. Just spend the whole night with me.” He whispered in a seductive tone and intertwined our fingers. I blushed and stroked his soft brown hair.

The night went by slowly, we spent most of it doing it and staring into each other’s eyes. And ever since that day, we never stopped doing it. We sent SMS to each other every minute. My birthday came up and he bought me an expensive new car, I felt like he was spending just too much on me, but he said to me, “Anything for my queen.”

I felt on top of the world. I was the luckiest woman alive and I had the most wonderful man that any woman would die for by my side. I hardly drove my new car, since Nicholas always wanted to take me everywhere I wanted to go. He once took me to an hair salon around my neighborhood at Ikeja G.R.A. As we got into the salon, all eyes glued to me and Nicholas, I felt a little embarrassed, but then I realized it was actually Nicholas they were all staring at. The wind of jealousy blew on my skin and I had goose bumps. I didn’t want those women staring at my man with their seductive eyes. Nicholas was mine only. I chose to just wash my hair and straighten it because I didn’t want us spending any more minute there.

They were ants and Nicholas, a sugar. Immediately I was done, Nicholas paid and I pulled his arm for us to leave, but one of the ants, which was a dark short lady, called for my attention and whispered to me “Is that your boyfriend?” I gave her a “What’s your business?” look and excused myself.

I heard faintly how she was talking about white men coming to Nigeria to use and dump girls, but I didn’t care. She was just a jealous ant.

Nicholas knew how I felt back at the salon and he smiled. “When a woman feels protective of her man, it means she loves him.” He said winking at me.

We got to my apartment and I prepared dinner for us. Right after dinner Nicholas sat and pulled me on his laps. “Your hair looks good,” he complimented and stroked my long dark hair softly.

“Thanks sweetie,” the words slipped from my mouth. I couldn’t help but add, “I love you Nick.”

Nicholas eyes glowed as he shined his white teeth and said “I love you more Chidinma.” He leaned and kissed me passionately, wrapping his arms tightly on my waist. I threw my arms around his neck and dug my fingers in his hair; he let out a quiet moan.  As we kissed I could feel something roaming in my belly, gosh these butterflies wouldn’t stop!

“You are mine, and I’m yours.” He whispered breathlessly.

As the months went by, I found myself falling deeper and deeper into a well called love. Nicholas meant the whole world to me, every minute I spent with him was like heaven on earth, and he was my first and truest love.

Sometimes I think about the ant back then at the saloon. I feared she might really be genuine. But I had fallen too deep in love that it was going to be impossible to get out of it. I wasn’t prepared for the pains that love brings.

I called Nicholas’ phone, but it wasn’t available. That explains why he hasn’t been replying my texts. I went to his friend’s house but no one seemed to be home. I became extremely worried because this has never happened before; could something bad have happened to him? Or maybe I’m just being paranoid. I eventually called his friend Richard, and he told me to come see him in his office, I wondered why he didn’t just tell me where Nicholas was over the phone, or was I right? Could something really bad have happened?


Benedicta A. Lawrence is a young Nigerian writer who is a lover of art and nature. She is an aspiring sociologist; artist and life coach. Born in Lagos state; she is an undergraduate in the prestigious Osun State University.