“I said I didn’t want to talk.”

“You just have to. I can’t let you continue to think I’m that monster that dumped you Chidinma, I can’t.”

I couldn’t stand looking at his desperate eyes. ”Okay, okay, when I’m done for the day we can meet up.”

We sat in a café and Nicholas ordered black coffee for both of us. “I’m a coward.” He said sheepishly. “My father ordered me to get back home to Dublin. He sent a private jet to pick me up immediately and I had no choice. I could never question my father’s authority. He was told that I was fooling around with a Nigerian girl and he got furious, all he cares about is his fame and reputation. He had always wanted me to marry the governor’s daughter who was only just a friend. He believes that would boost his reputation.”

“Then why don’t you marry her and leave me alone here. Because all you just said would only make sense to me if you tell me why you couldn’t just explain everything to me that day before you left.”

“Yes I know; you have every right to hate me. Richard was my father’s mole, I found out later. Chidinma, I know the kind of father I have: he uses his money and power to get whatever he wants. Even if it’s to take you away from the picture.”

“Huh? What picture?” Then I got what he was trying to say. “Oh, what? So my life is in danger right now?” I poked around fearful for my life.

“No, no, I cleared that up already.” He gestured with his hands.

“I didn’t know I was going out with a psycho rich and powerful business man’s heir.” No wonder he never talked much about his parents. In my mind, I guessed his mother too was a psycho witch. “No offense.”

He rubbed his face with his hands, “No offense taken.”

“So what exactly do you want from me now?” I asked.

“Your forgiveness and your love.”

“Are you implying that we should get back together?”

His eyes replied.

“No Nicholas, that’s never going to happen, I’m not right for you. I’m just a girl, you said that yourself, right?”

Confusion was written all over his face. “I never said that. Quite the opposite, you are the woman of my dreams, you are perfect for me.” He tried to hold my hands and I pulled back.

“Stop lying, your jerk face friend told me everything. You just used me. You played me and you successfully got me into your bed, kudos to you!”

His eyes turned red. “Okay, seriously, what did Richard tell you?”

“It doesn’t matter anymore, you got what you wanted and now I’ve forgiven you. You are free to go back to your governor’s daughter.”

“No Chidinma, I want you, I need you. And I never played you.”

I wanted to believe him, but I didn’t want to be fooled again.


Benedicta A. Lawrence is a young Nigerian writer who is a lover of art and nature. She is an aspiring sociologist; artist and life coach. Born in Lagos state; she is an undergraduate in the prestigious Osun State University.