EDGE OF LOVE - Fiction by Benedicta Lawrence

I never thought true love existed until I met him. It was on a Saturday afternoon, in the month of June. I just finished buying some groceries in a supermarket at Victoria Island. On my way out, my shoulder accidentally clashed with someone. Looking up at the person, I realized it was a young white man. Before I could apologize, he did.

“I’m so sorry.” He held out his hands in apology.

“Oh, sorry Mister.” I said. 

Meanwhile, I admired his look. He was on a white short sleeved shirt, black jeans trousers, and black snickers. His skin toned like smooth ripe mango; a huge statuesque figure complemented a finely chiseled face and well-shaved beard. He was just my type of guy!

Wishing he would approach me, I turned to walk away, slowing my pace. Gosh! He didn’t. My hope was shattered.

Just as I walked to the exit door I heard, “Hello Miss!”

“Yes!” I turned to him, and then he paused, pointing his fingers as if he was trying to recall something.

“Please, I want to steal a minute from your precious time,” he smiled, though with pleading eyes, “I mean I would like to see you for a moment if you wouldn’t mind.”

I walked back to him, feeling so excited within me. Slowly I replied, “See me?” As if the words were strange to my ears, “Okay, then. I’m all ears.”

“Um, my name is Nicholas, I came here to buy some groceries,” Then he looked down at the goods in my basket, “I guess you came for the same reason too.”

“Hmm. Oh yeah…” I was carried away by his looks; he was just too perfect to be real. Of course, I had to pretend he didn’t matter.

“I’m from Ireland though.  I came here to visit a childhood friend, and I’ve been here for a few months now, what about you?”

"Ah well this is my home land."

 “Nice, oh I didn’t get your name.”

“I’m Chidinma.”

“Wow that’s a beautiful name.” He shined his white teeth and I blushed.

“Thanks” I smiled.

“So can I please give you a ride home?”

"Oh, no need for that. Thanks for the offer though.”

“Please?” He pleaded.

I thought for a second “Alright…I’m actually getting late for a catering class anyway, so you can just drop me off there.”

A huge triumphant smile appeared on his baby face. Then he walked briskly to the counter to pay for his groceries, acting like if he wasted any time, I might disappear.

“Ok then, shall we?”


He dropped me off in his Range Rover that day and we exchanged phone numbers. That night we talked on phone for five hours. We went on our first date the next day at a luxurious restaurant, after eating, drinking and chatting for like two hours, we decided to leave. I really enjoyed Nicholas’ company, he was an open person, and I got to know a lot about him, he made me laugh a lot and for the first time I felt something real for a man. I guess the feeling I had when I first saw him might be a leading from some love-gods.

When he dropped me off at home, he didn’t even wait for me to invite him in before he stepped in and sat. “I love you Chidinma, I really do.” The words flew from his lips. My heart began to beat fast; it almost popped right out of my chest. I gulped my spit and tried to talk “Erm…I, I don’t know what to say.”

Though I was in my early twenties, I felt like a naïve 12- year -old girl.

“You don’t have to say anything.” He said and smiled. Rising up, he suddenly pulled me close and gave me the tightest hug I ever had in my life. Then he planted a warm kiss on my lips… 


Benedicta A. Lawrence is a young Nigerian writer who is a lover of art and nature. She is an aspiring sociologist; artist and life coach. Born in Lagos state; she is an undergraduate in the prestigious Osun State University.