DukeLuke is one of those poets who knows what he wants and is going after same: a student of OAU who released a Spoken word video recently and is aiming to do more. EGC had a chat with him recently, and bets you will like to see what he has to say. Enjoy the interview:
EGC: Can we meet you?
DukeLuke: I'm Olaniyi Olayemi Luke and my sobriquet is “DukeLuke”. I'm currently studying English and Education in Obafemi Awolowo University. My philosophies as a writer are secularism, ecumenism and humanism.

EGC: How would you describe yourself in the world of Creativity and literature?
DukeLuke: I'll say I'm still learning the ropes. In spoken word for instance, I consider myself a neophyte. Essay writing is my forte in creative writing but I've been trying of recent to experiment with other genres.

EGC: What is your main motivation?
DukeLuke: That's hard to say. Anything pretty much can get me motivated - a beautiful lady, state of the economy, a bad news, etc. But I think bad news have a way of getting me more motivated to write. Another thing in creative writing is the way the writings of others inspire you to write. So motivation for me is an admixture of different things.

EGC: Tell us about your future ambition as regards your Chosen career and Poetry?
DukeLuke: My future ambition is to write and write well. For spoken word, I'm inspired by the successes of artists like Suli Breaks, Prince Ea, Efe Paul, Sage Hassan and others. So I'll someday love to reach that peak.

EGC: Who are your mentors in Poetry world?
DukeLuke: Efe Paul, Suli Breaks, Prince Ea, William Shakespeare (his sonnets especially), Wole Soyinka and Niyi Osundare.

EGC: What is that thing that pisses you Off in Poetry world?

DukeLuke: What pisses me in the poetry world is the fact that poetry isn't that lucrative. More so, being an ambassador of quality writing, I think a good number of present day poets are really not talented. That's my opinion. I don't know if it's a generational metamorphosis from what poetry used to be what people want it to be now. But I think a lot of us need to go back to school.

EGC: You released a spoken word poem recently, tell us about it.
DukeLuke: My latest poetry video titled 'I Heard it Through the Grapevine' is a poetic commentary on contemporary Nigeria. It thematically talks about our economy, religious and ethnic rivalry, corruption and other negative things that characterize present day Nigeria. I was motivated to pen it down when I encountered the idiom 'hear through the grapevine'. I immediately fell in love with the idiom and I thought of using it to talk about Nigeria.

EGC: What was the reception like?
DukeLuke: To be honest, the reception hasn't been that good. I guess that's because poetry is still somewhat alien to the consciousness of Nigerians for the most part. The goal of spoken word is to make poetry a medium of entertainment. Nigerians sadly are yet to realize that fact.

EGC: Is there any poet you will like to work with on any project soon?
DukeLuke: Had I the chance, I'd gladly work with Kemistree, Efe Paul and Suli Breaks.

EGC: Any other thing to expect from you soon?
DukeLuke: I'm working on my third poem. I don't know when I'll be through writing it because I'm actually a slow writer with a keen sense for pedantry.

EGC: Any advice for Poets coming behind you?
DukeLuke: Upcoming poets should be patient to learn the ropes. Yes poetry is very fluid. It means each poet defines poetry through their artistry. But then that doesn't mean poetry should be made less aesthetic on account of sheer laziness.

EGC: Thanks for your time.
DukeLuke: Many thanks


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