CLEOPATRA - a Poem by Enigmatic Olumide

She’s got her brain in her armpit
Her common sense on her high-heel
But he doesn’t care
She is the only woman he loves

Her demeanor is demeaning
She slays like the deadly-queen, Cleopatra
But that’s what he loves
A woman that will drive all men nuts

Yesterday, they got married
She has removed her artificial lashes
And now he sees
She is more beautiful than imagined

Her home will be hell’s rehearsal
Burning all in the way of her decisions
But he would have no cure for her diseases
What he wants to eat has become his poison

© Enigmatic Olumide

04.04.17. 10:00-10:05am

Enigmatic Olumide Bisiriyu is the CEO of EGC media. He is a Poet, Cinematographer, and Estate Surveyor.

His movie, FULL PROOF, is now out on DVD.


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