DAWNING - A Poem by Linda O O

Dressed in colorful attires, we beseech the house of God
To sing a joyful halleluiah to the risen Christ
Angels hurray, and the earth exalt
That lamb that was slain, today extol
Birthed to die for the sake of all
Through his death, to war and save the world
And in his resurrection to be reborn in him

Immanuel, is the name of his birth
He grew bearing the message that was too pricey to tell
Crucify him; crucify him; were the echoes so loud
Thirty pieces of silver was all he was worth

Gravely chastised for our sake
To the cross he humbly went
The crown of thorns he meekly wore
 All these he accepted for the love he bore

Our blemishes, curses and afflictions he took along
No grudges or spites did he ever bear
‘It is finished’ was his last ado
His breath was gone and off he slid to the world under.

In three days, he rose from the tomb
Bearing his victory over death & sin
Today in him, and through him, we rise and stand
As conquerors we are born to be!

Linda O. O. is a practicing lawyer, a writer and a passionate poet who has great yearnings to improve the society through her vocation and write-ups. She is a disciple of social engineering and an advocate of peace.


  1. That's my friend! Lol great piece dear. Well written

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  3. Nice one my darling
    Higher you I pray


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