CLOUDED HEART - A Poem by Ogunseye Abolanle

My heart is clouded with fear
Which turn my moon dark
With corrosive malt dear
And a deep gash mark

Above the ground my sight I guide 
Before my feet I sway
Like the bell side by side
To Fight my days and sort my way

All the joy of evil I bear
Like the dark knight I cry
As I wallow, my heart cries I hear
In reedy, my strength and voice sound high

To my heart I bear the root of cloud
As my agony strives and sound loud
In the mist of the sky
My heart is dark and dry. 

OGUNSEYE ABOLANLE Suliamon is a 24 years old Poet. He had his National Diploma in Mass communication at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.