31 Days of Poetry - Day 14 - I CAN SHOW YOU GOD - by Su'eddie Agema

(... HIS POEM ...)

I can show you God
not the one who flies on wings in tales
nor the one to whom you fling your many wails
no, God is not the spirit who lives in castles too far
neither the one we blame for our every scar…    
truly, there is an almighty being
who lives above the troubles of our sin

God is that look that follows you from eyes in the streets
yes, look more, for i will show you God
God is the care that stretches a hand to caress others’ needs
God is the goodness that all of us greet
the Being that makes our hearts beat
sprouting lives and planting good deeds to sow better seeds

God is the smile that appears in your hand
the beauty you stretch to every land
the strength that keeps you strong
when your set course goes wrong
God is what you feel
when you are calm and still…
even at times when the strain of sorrow pulls at your heart
and life tries to tear you apart…

God is humanity’s hold to a better day
a soothing word said come what may
the beginning of the ease
to bring us peace

I can show you God and sHe lives in the many and the few

yes, the Almighty is the entirety of me and of you.


EGC:  Your Real Name & Stage Name 
Su’eddie: Su’eddie Vershima Agema

EGC: Discipline/What you do:
Su’eddie: Development Worker/Publisher/Editor/Literary Administrator

EGC: Other Creative Art Forms You Practice:
Su’eddie: Poetry. Fiction. Non-fiction.

EGC: What made you go into poetry:
Su’eddie: Poetry was there from a time when I can’t say. Poetry found me at some point and let me find relief in ways I can’t say. And the rest is history.

EGC: Kind of poems you write/perform:
Su’eddie: General.

EGC: People who inspire you in poetry:
Su’eddie: The list changes every once in a while but Hyginus Ekwuazi stays there every time.

EGC: What you hope to achieve with poetry:
Su’eddie: Live, create, speak. Change. Hopefully, get someone to listen. Create. Live. Change.

EGC: Your first time at Be Blessed:
Su’eddie: April or June 2014… BB7.

EGC: How many times you came to Be Blessed:
Su’eddie: I can’t recall but I know definitely more than twice. Or is it twice? Oh well.

EGC: Poets You’d Like to see at Next Be Blessed:
Su’eddie: Romeo Oriogun, Servio Gbadamosi, Saddiq Dzukogi, Chika Jones, Adriel Onwuka, AA Agarau, Hyginus Ekwuazi, Bash Amuneni, Efe Paul Azino, Kemjy Xtien, Olumide Holloway, amongst lots of others.

EGC: Most Memorable Edition of Be Blessed and Why
Su’eddie: My first BB experience. It was some time in 2014, April or June. It was my first time of attending the event and the place where I met Enigmatic Olumide Bisiyiru, Romeo Oriogun, Kemji Xtien, amongst others. I had so much fun and felt welcome.

EGC: What you missed about Be blessed
Su’eddie: The atmosphere and lovely people.

EGC: What you like about EGC
Su’eddie: The platform it has created for a lot of people to shine and express themselves. That is indescribable.


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