31 Days of Poetry - Day 16 - I HOPE YOU DANCE - by Adewale Ajagbe

(... HIS POEM ...)

I saw you today
Twisting your fine warm waist
You moved with so much calm
And poise, making my eyes the
Prisoners of your dance
I was intoxicated with the grace
your curves the sweet symmetry
of your ivory skin

you fell in love with the rhythms
of the song, and plastered your
presence in the midst of the rhymes

you danced gracefully and graciously
it was a long love dance and I watched
in admiration, as you detained the attention
of men, women children and even angels

when you finally stopped dancing
it was hard for your admirers to leave
for the atmosphere was filled with the sweet
smell of the sweat from your pure fine skin

wherever you are, wherever the wind
has taken you to

I hope you dance.


EGC:  Your Real Name & Stage Name 
TOKS: My name is Ajagbe Adewale. Simpson Toks is the stage name.

EGC:  Discipline/What You Do
TOKS: I am a Psychologist, with special interest in Sex Therapy. I am also a political analyst.

EGC:  Other Creative Art Forms You Practice 
TOKS: I do drama. I also write fictions,

EGC:   What Made You Go Into Poetry 
TOKS: I went into poetry because I found life in it.

EGC:  Kind Of Poems You Write/Perform
TOKS: I can’t particularly say this is the kind or poem I write or perform. I write and performs as it comes. I may write a love poem today and tomorrow am writing a satire, a dirge, an elegy or ode.

EGC:  People Who Inspire You In Poetry 
TOKS: Femi Amogunla, and Enigmatic Olumide Bisiriyu. Those where the two people who opened my eyes to poetry. Enigmatic was a huge influence, I can’t fully pay him for everything he taught me.

EGC:  What You Hope To Achieve With Poetry 
TOKS: Peace!!! If my poetry would bring peace and harmony between warring parties, restore mother and child love, mend bonds and heal wounds, then I will be satisfied.

EGC:  Your First Time At Be Blessed 
TOKS: That would be 2013.

EGC:  How Many Times You Came To Be Blessed 
TOKS: From 2013 till date, I ve missed Be Blessed just twice!!

EGC:  Poets You'd Like To See At Next Be Blessed 
TOKS: A lot, I have missed poetry gatherings. So I don’t mind seeing all the poets.

EGC:  Most Memorable Edition Of Be Blessed And Why
TOKS: I can’t particularly say this or that is my memorable. I always leave each edition blessed. Be Blessed to me is Salvation.

EGC:  What You Missed About Be Blessed 
TOKS: Everything, from the planning, the running around, the atmosphere, the poets, friends, the slams, everything. The pictures too.

EGC:  What You Like About EGC
TOKS: A body that helps to discover and nurture poetry and sundry talents, what won’t I like about such body?  


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