31 Days of Poetry - Day 22 - A STAR, A BIT - by Tiwister

(... HIS POEM ...)

I watched as the dry season, hugged 
the rainy season goodbye.
entering my dorm as my new Lord. 
though she wield a longer rod, yet
my sorrowful songs isn't loud enough
to lure the distant ears of freedom

Sunny days have failed
to carve better lanes than
gory gutters on my face. now,
the moon is here; but my shattered past
seeks brighter light, to feed my shivering hope
with guts, to dream again; one last time.

But if the sun at its peak, have failed 
to see my thick tears. and the moon,
Though still at bay, claims it's not by the strength
of rays ; I challenge the stars, 
each to pick a jar, and fill
My longing soul, bit by bit, with relief 


EGC:  Your Real Name & Stage Name 
Tiwistar: My name is Salam Oluwaseun Olatunji. Stage name is Tiwistar. 

EGC:  Discipline/What You Do
Tiwistar: I studied applied chemistry at The Polytechnic, Ibadan. I'm hoping to further my education. 

EGC:  Other Creative Art Forms You Practice 
Tiwistar: Drama, Spoken word poetry.

EGC:   What Made You Go Into Poetry 
Tiwistar: at first I was writing because I feel like I can, but then I met friends who inspired me into becoming poetry itself.

EGC:  Kind Of Poems You Write/Perform
Tiwistar: Kind of poems you write/perform: I major in motivational poems, I'd write about life issues, social ills, etc.

EGC:  People Who Inspire You In Poetry 
Tiwistar: Olayinka Samson aka Samurai, Solar speaks, LKG, James conco, and a few more guys. 

EGC:  What You Hope To Achieve With Poetry 
Tiwistar: I want to get to a place where my poetry can influence a large percentage of the world populace, positively so.

EGC:  Your First Time At Be Blessed 
Tiwistar: BB8

EGC:  How Many Times You Came To Be Blessed 
Tiwistar: 7 editions

EGC:  Poets You'd Like To See At Next Be Blessed 
Tiwistar: Poets you'd like to see at next Be Blessed : Donna K, Torpedo Mascaw.

EGC:  Most Memorable Edition Of Be Blessed And Why
Tiwistar: BB9, it was open, a lot of great performances 

EGC:  What You Missed About Be Blessed 
Tiwistar:  the family, the poets and the punchlines.

EGC:  What You Like About EGC
Tiwistar: the passion in doing what they do, promoting the art of poetry.