31 Days of Poetry- Day 23 - TRAVELER - by Elemide Benjamin

(... HIS POEM ...)

In the day,
we journey into the sun
to bathe our tomorrow
in the rivers of colours.

At night,
sun journeys into us
to be baptized in our dreams
while we memorize script of death.

We journey the path of time
as though we know the end,
only to discover it
is a beginning to another life.

We become beggars,
begging desert for wine
how the sun beg to drink
from wells dug in our eyes
while we ride wishes as horses.

Then, we,
travelers on lonesome road,
famished, bend our life
into an allegory of a gourd,
began to sip silence from wind
like history of dust at dusk.


EGC:  Your Real Name & Stage Name 
D'Benj: Elemide Benjamin. Some poets call me D'Benj, some Penjamin. I like the two.

EGC:  Discipline/What You Do
D'Benj: Student. Biochemist. Editing. Events moderation. Speaking.

EGC:  Other Creative Art Forms You Practice 
D'Benj: Short story.

EGC:   What Made You Go Into Poetry 
D'Benj: The drive for creativity with words, and to help someone somewhere find his or her lost self, a meaning to life and a path to the better. I wanted to give voice to the river flowing within me, that through its ripples, I might be fulfilled, and that others may be blessed.

EGC:  Kind Of Poems You Write/Perform
D'Benj: Basically, I write for humanity. Poetry is like water, it can fit into the container of any situation, be it political, social, inspirational, or logical. So far it is about life, nature and the discourse between the two.

EGC:  People Who Inspire You In Poetry 
D'Benj: Tolase Ajibola, Adeeko Ibukun, Ayoola Goodness, Adedayo Agarau, James Ademuyiwa, Shittu Fowora, KIS, Servio Gbadamosi, Su'eddi Vershima Agema, amu nnadi, and others. The list is endless. The works of Pablo Neruda, Derek Walcott, and Professor Niyi Osundare remain inspiring whenever I read them. These are people whose candles of words ignite(d) mine; whose poetry showed me the beauty and essence of life. I am a product of the books I've read and digested.

EGC:  What You Hope To Achieve With Poetry 
D'Benj: I want to mend broken hearts, revive dead souls, mould lives, and heal the ills of the society. I want everyone to see others in themselves and see themselves in others - this is the way to a better society of humans.

EGC:  Your First Time At Be Blessed 
D'Benj: That was 2014.

EGC:  How Many Times You Came To Be Blessed 
D'Benj: 6 times I guess.

EGC:  Poets You'd Like To See At Next Be Blessed 
D'Benj: Shakespeare, Pablo Neruda, and my great grandfather. It would be great chatting with them about their lives and poetry. I also want to know if they still write poetry where they are.

EGC:  Most Memorable Edition Of Be Blessed And Why
D'Benj: That would be the edition I had my first performance.

EGC:  What You Missed About Be Blessed 
D'Benj: The coming together of like minds.

EGC:  What You Like About EGC
D'Benj: The idea that birth the concept.