31 Days of Poetry - Day 31 - THE NIGHT SHALL COME - by Enitan Ogunsanya

(... HIS POEM ...)

The night shall come
when we will no longer chorus
songs that sorrows composed and taught us
to sing with our rhythmic lips
broken, chattered as we behold our fate in a stricken glass
staring to be justified, buried and alive in torments.

The night shall come
when our yearly graduates
shall no longer sings songs of homeless but not hopeless
parading the areas as men awaiting death on streets of hustles,
having to stumble on penny returns
just to while away unforeseen tears.

The night shall come
when our jambites and aspirants
will no longer fade away with flames from candles,
will no longer turn off like dead torches and lamps,
after spending hours at morn, noon, even dusk
to meditate, read, understand and prepare for exams.

The night shall come
when the flattened-pot bellies of poor boys and girls, will laugh at
their wrinkled faces, thin legs, hands, heads and necks
for it still remains fat; pregnant with dead thoughts and ideas
ready to be irrelevantly relevant tomorrow.

The night shall come
when the happy days of rich men and women
who gallivant around in sparkling dresses, furnished mansions, expensive jeeps
will wake up to fight their stupidity
for leaving prosperity for posterities,
instead of investing in lives of hungry men of intellects
to be written on the sands of time

The night shall come
when songs of freedom will not be remembered again
for us to sing as we journey
through the desert of personal thinking
on the arms of heavy burdens.


EGC:  Your Real Name & Stage Name 
ENITAN: Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan, Enistik.

EGC:  Discipline/What You Do
ENITAN: Student, History and Diplomatic Studies Olabisi Onabanjo University.

EGC:  Other Creative Art Forms You Practice 
ENITAN: Prose, drama, articles etc.

EGC:   What Made You Go Into Poetry 
ENITAN: Had passion for it and saw myself just doing it though I started with
acrostics but Jamesconco stirred out the poetic nature in a chat we
had years back.

EGC:  Kind Of Poems You Write/Perform
ENITAN: Anykind of poems.

EGC:  People Who Inspire You In Poetry 
ENITAN:  Jamesconco, Mesioye Johnson, LKG.

EGC:  What You Hope To Achieve With Poetry 
ENITAN: Touch lives and speak out the mind of the masses till it falls on the
table of corruption to quicken up transformation and not change.

EGC:  Your First Time At Be Blessed 
ENITAN: Hahaha, 2015.

EGC:  How Many Times You Came To Be Blessed 
ENITAN: Hmmm, as many as till 2016.

EGC:  Poets You'd Like To See At Next Be Blessed 
ENITAN: All the sages have seen mend the heart of men on the balm of poetry.

EGC:  Most Memorable Edition Of Be Blessed And Why
ENITAN: That would be my first Be Blessed cos I was forced to
attend by Mesioye and Jamesconco which I did and that day began the
poetry exploitation but I can never forget that day because that marks
the first day in my entire life that I slept on the road while our
vehicle broke down.

EGC:  What You Missed About Be Blessed 
ENITAN: A platform where the hunger to cause a change and like passions dine.

EGC:  What You Like About EGC
ENITAN: It has helped poets structure a pattern and given them a name and platform.