LET'S RECREATE - a Poem by Nnaemeka Seth

Let's recreate
Those childhood images;
Innocence in dispute,
All we seek is peace.
Boy hugs girl; publicly
Adults look on and smile.

Let's recreate
Those childhood memories;
Jealousy is sincere. No hate.
When you look unto your peers,
Because you want to be part of the play.

Let's recreate
Those childhood dreams;
Living the professional life;
The doctor, the lawyer, engineer.
So funny we never saw us as,
Writers, Drivers, farmers.
Teachers? NEVER!

Lets recreate
Those childhood experiences;
When fun is worth more than food and water.
And our sweet is our birth right.
How dare you deny me my biscuits?

Let's recreate
Those childhood wars;
War scatter! So we run.
Wooden guns, where the bent nail is the trigger.
And the pen cover the bullet.
I wonder how we never died.

Let's recreate
Those childhood games;
The kite, with nylons and threads.
The rubber, slipper, bale, gapping, shekere.
Soccer; four post, monkey post, next set!
Always the street's champions.
Suwe, ten ten, tinko, skipping,
After round one, were you ever beaten?
Police and thief, I needed all that speed to be police.

No console games,
No mobile phones,
No internet,
No TV.
No social media.

But we created and recreated.
Days where life is real fun.
And a smile costs a fortune.

Let's recreate.


Nnaemeka Ezebuiro Seth is an educator, writer, poet, public speaker, and an On air personality (OAP) for a radio station in the city of Ibadan. He is a graduate from the department of Adult Education/English language and literature, University of Ibadan. He is a social writer whose muse is basically happenings around him. He enjoys reading from African poets such as; Frank Aig-Imoukhuede, Femi Fatoba, Wole Soyinka and JP Clerk. He wishes to produce a book of his own poetry soon.