LIFE IN THIS PLACE - a Poem by Adewumi Benedict Olumide

Life in this place is a weeping child, 
Hungry for food in a diamond bowl
Crying to drink from a golden cup,
But the diamond plate is a dry land
And the cup an empty pit
When the child sees the deception
He cries aloud,
With eyes heavy with rounds of tears. 
But soon his yellow mucus 
Flows gradually to his dry mouth
He draws it in, and licks it with his tongue
Wheeewww!!! disgusting!!!
But yes, but that's life in this place;
Wheeeew for all, except the few
That puke on all. 

Life in this place is a bird
With grown wings
But scared of the sky
Scared of becoming its true self:
It grows older and bolder
But flies closer and closer to the ground 
Till it becomes colder and colder
And joins with the soil.

For if you talk
They say keep quiet
If you are quiet 
They will say you make noise
If you make noise
They will claim you're violent 
If you're violent 
They call you an enemy of the state. 

Life in this place
Is not an illusive word, 
Slipping off the palm
At every grasp

Life in this place
Is not confined to a dictionary
With strange vowels and consonant
Describing its ambiguity,
It is that word you need not find
It will find you on the street
In hospitals and on the road
It will find you in schools 
Where A is B and H20 is carbon monoxide
It will find you everywhere, 
Except in the place where
Ancestors still live among men.


Adewumi Olumide Benedict (Mide Benedict) is a Graphic Artist and Photographer. He writes because he wants to find an expressive voice; that distinct voice through which he can pour out his my mind and that of others. He reads African poets like Niyi Osundare, Okinba Launko, Akeem Lasisi and other salient voices on Facebook like Rasaq Malik Gbolahan.