SLANDEROUS FRIEND - a Poem by Saviour Upaski

You made me think it is impossible to leave you;
And made me believe you are a nessesary evil.
It was you who gave me a mixed feeling to tell;
A feeling delight as heaven, yet, agonizing as hell.
It was you, who for all these years, enslaved me.
And gradually killed the sexual Samson God made me.

It was you who made me unable to satisfy my wife,
Just five minutes and to rest would be my strife.
You gave me fifteen minutes ecstasy and a lifelong sorrow,
It was you who killed me and in self-pity made me wallow.
You took me far from my make and gave me pain
Like David, you made me fall, rise and fall again.

Although, pleasures, you gave me the first time we met,
It was you who set me on this journey of regret.
You made me fall in love with me and gave me orgasm,
My hands became a sex organ and me, hermaphroditic organism.
It was you who dragged me into fornication,
Yes, it was you, slanderous you, Masturbation.


Ukpabio Saviour, better known as Saviour Ukpaski (MC UK) is a rapper, a wRIGHTer, a poet, an educationist and an amazing comedian. He is simply a multi-talented entertainer. In RCCG, God's Time parish, he was awarded, 'The Most Achieved Teen' in 2012, and, 'The Most Artistic Teen in 2013' and  he was the winner of the first edition of Garden of Grace' 'Garden Stars Award', 2015.