THIS LIFE THIS RACE - a Poem by Kigbu Ovey Salms

On your Mark, Get Set, Bang!
The sound you hear that springs athlete like the hare
Mustering all strength within, a great will to win
Focusing only on one thing, a perfect finishing
Maintaining the lane, refusing to trail
Propelling the limbs, driving the nib
Minding not the fellows
With constant pacing, keeping weariness aside
Plus a tremendous velocity, despite the force of gravity

In this race
We’re all athletes, with different course
Even as sperms, we run the tracks
Fertilize the ovum or be neutralized
From cradle to grave, we chase for marks
From infant to age, we struggle to blaze
But some have fallen, others were trodden
So many gave up, but the hiccups we must curb

In this life, this race
Do not be in haste
Don’t run too fast, or go too far
But run very well, to end it well
Don’t drop but brace up, keep up and don’t stop
Sprint or run, jog or walk
Even crawl by all means; just keep moving.


Kigbu Ovey Salms is a freelance writer. He loves to give hope and courage to the downtrodden with his works. He has a published e-book titled “The Movie of God”; check it out @