Time beckons again for us to nominate the top poets who have done remarkably well for themselves and the Nigerian poetry circles in the outgoing year. In this seventh time of our calling for nominations, we want to make a little difference in the way we organize the annual nominations cum rankings.

The four categories where we will receive nominations are:
1.      Top 10 Page Poets of the year
2.      Top 10 Spoken Word Poets of the year
3.      Top 10 Poetry Promoters of the year
4.      Top 10 Cross over Poets of the year

The first is for poets who express their creativity in written forms, either as a book or via other written media, online or real time. The second is for performance or spoken art in poetry via audios, videos, stage, etc. The third is for those who labored in one way or the other to push the art and artists forward so more people can come in contact with their works, either via event organization or with media. The fourth is for Poets who venture into other art forms that are exclusive of poetry and still do well with them, i.e. music, films/drama, photography, novels, essays, etc.

Each entry received in the four categories should be numbered and they will be rated, i.e. entry number 1 scores ten points and entry number 10 scores 1 point. There will be final cumulative top 10 ranking for each category and the cumulative points for the four categories (altogether) leads to the #EGCtop50 ranking.

This year, 2017, we will take cue from our constructive critics, hence we will ensure a diversion from how we used to collate our data. We discourage Poets calling people to nominate them, and we encourage those who send in entries to follow their judgements. People involved with running of EGC are also not encouraged in nominations. To help this resolve, EGC will organize a focused group to determine this ranking, and they will be mostly unbiased Poets who have done one thing or the other to promote poetry in Nigeria before… There is room for other “unbiased” Poetry promoters we couldn’t reach to send in their nominations too.

Subject should be #EGCtop50.

Deadline for nominations is 14th December 2017.

For enquiries message +234-703-4198-264 on whatsApp (only).