IT'S YOUR LIFE - a Poem by Sissy

Standing in front of the mirror,
There is just one figure,
You,  yourself,  your reflection.

You look like you,
There is no such thing as doppelgangers,
even if you are a twin to another,
You are you.

So it’s your life
Figures when you die
It will be you laid to the ground,
not your son, daughter, mother, father  nor wife .

 It’s your life,
Live it as you like,
Blame you for your falls,
I know there is God but what you take is your choice.

It's your life,
You could waste it like a rich wine or treasure it like a goldmine.
You could prefer to lag behind,
wait for your father to die,
So you would move into his house.

It's your life,
aim higher than your peers,
or decide to sell oranges and pears 

It's your life
Not at all mine,
Do with it as you like
Ignore the chimes of the time
Pretend to be deaf to the tock of the clock

You will age someday,
Aging comes every day,
When your bones will be broken
Legs weak and shaky.
When you are no longer young and able.
It will still be your life.

It’s your life,
Not at all your brother's
Don't live through my mind's eye,
Don't make anyone your WiFi

You are you
Not at all another,
Please you after God,
And let society be pleased not,
Cause when you die,
It will be you laid to the ground.


Ediri Agnes Abiyone  aka Sissy is a Journalist/Event planner who loves Acting. Her poems are mostly motivational/emotional poems.