STARS - a Poem by Enigmatic Olumide

Stardom is like an addiction to hard drugs
It's the reason for our ailment
Yet the high dose that aids our healing

It's the reason we wake every morning
Craving for attention
The search for relevance

But irrelevances drove us here
Like chasing the wind, we catch nothing
Cheers when we're up there, jeers at the break of dawn

They forget that stars get weak
Stars grow old and die of diseases
Stars are human, like you

We are stars
We look like precious stones when we shine
But when we flop, we look like frogs

21.01.18. 00:00-00:08am

The Enigmatic, Olumide Bisiriyu, is a multi-gifted fellow who exhibits his creativity with Poetry (spoken and written), Photography, Acting, Cinematography, and writing Fiction, while he works as a Real Estate Consultant. He is the CEO of EGC media.