VICIOUS CIRCLE - a Poem by Ijaiya Tahir

Hopefully, I will overcome
Shamefully, I never do
Like a song on replay
I expected a familiar stimulus
But my solution was
my problem
It goes on and on

Trapped in endless time
I don’t mean life itself
But the stimuli-response phenomenon
I always come back for rematch
A match I will definitely lose
A familiar defeat
I never cease to embrace
And it goes on and on

A foe I offer shelter
Set the shelter ablaze
But I never mind
The familiar arsonist
Entrusted with a lighter
It’s a vicious circle
But I care less
It goes on and on

 Written by Ijaiya Tahir Adekunle
Edited by EnigmaTic Olumide

Ijaiya Tahir Adekunle is a political scientist who graduated from University of Ilorin. He’s crazy about songs with poetic and philosophical depths. He’s an obsessed Chelsea FC fan, a video game enthusiast, and he reads to connect with great minds.


  1. Very good one, keep it up May God bless all your endeavors .


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