WHERE WE MET - a Poem by HighOnWord

We met at a place
That was to be a crossroad
Where men meet, greet and wave
hoping to meet again,
Maybe once, maybe twice a lifetime.
We met there and stopped there.
We laughed; we fought, fought and
laughed, but
could not go beyond.
I looked back and returned
She did the same and returned
But the roads met again,
where men meet, greet and say goodbye
But we couldn't do the same.
She smiled, I smiled
I sat, she did
We fought and laughed and laughed again
And laughed and fought and fought again
But none dared go beyond
And none dare return
For experience have taught us
that whether we go beyond or return,
We'll meet again
Where men meet, greet and wave goodbye
But we will be unable to do the same
For we'll hold... and hug,
may fight and shrug
And like a good book,
we'll read again:
Our smiles and tears,
faith and fears,
And always remember where we met,
At the place where two roads crossed
But we could not cross with them.


Richard Abutu aka HighOnWord likes describing himself as a cool and collected person. He also believes his poems have impacted lives and so much is expected of him. He stands among those who believe that poetry holds the key to Nigeria and Africa's greatness.