IGNORANCE IS FUN - Issues with Oluboyo Kudirat

As little as you could remember, there was so much life. Everyone greeted you by pulling your cheek. Some uncles would even dip their garlic finger in your mouth while some aunties stained your glowing skin with various shades of lipstick. You wanted to protest but they were all going to freak the hell out if you talked. So you managed to keep mute. There’s indeed little to remember; but it was fun still.

At home, education was not taken so serious, knowing that your mother was going to make your brother or sister solve the math problem for you. You could stain your new dress with chocolate; clothe your hair with mud; and play as much as possible, and no one cared, because you are just a kid!

All you knew was the small world built around you with no knowledge of what it entailed. Life is hard but you’ve got your parent struggling for you. Life is stressful but your siblings are doing your work. The world is bad but you did not know for you are guided by innocence. All you knew was that life was full of toys and play mates.

Then, you grow older and realize how na├»ve you have been. You wish they’d told you everything but they doubted you will understand. You wish you’d studied more when you played but they didn’t want to stop you from catching fun. Now, you are wise, so you aim better. It’s a lesson of how fast time can be spent without it being redeemed. It’s a story for prime age. It’s called "Childhood."

Here’s a warning. No adult should attempt to split the fun-filled chain; rather it should go on for generations. Let’s not be the reason young ones do not have tales to tell. It’s what makes a person wise; that you’ve done some things you would never do again or can’t do again.

Grown-ups should not prevent a child from wishing to be a Princess Sofia or an Avenger or a Dark Knight or Spider/Batman. It’s fun at the time and no matter how much you regret doing those things later, it would make you smile, reminisce and be fulfilled. What a sweet nostalgic feeling!

What childhood ignorance can do to one is an inexplicable theory so everyone should be allowed to experience the sweet stage. The feeling that there’s zero worries in the world, you’ve missed a great deal if you haven’t once lived it



Oluboyo Kudirat is a young and dynamic writer whose writing skills has endeared her to many readers. Being a passionate and creative writer of all things possible, she has lured herself into script writing, fiction and non-fiction, short stories and motivational articles. She is currently serving her father land with NYSC Oyo State. Her blog, www.oluboyodammy.com, houses all her creative works.